Tips for How to Draw Noses

If you have trouble when it comes to drawing noses, you are not alone. For many people, the nose seems to be a major sticking point. If you want to know how to draw noses better, just read the following tips!


Although noses do come in many shapes and sizes, they all have the same placement on the face. They are generally one eye-width wide and come down to halfway between the eyebrows and chin.


You should study examples of different noses to see how they project from the face. Some noses seem to curve inward from between the eyes before the bridge comes out, and others can jut out quite prominently from the face.


When drawing the bridge of the nose, be careful not to use solid lines on both sides. Your nose will look more cartoonish. Now if that is what you’re going for, then it’s fine. For a less cartoon-like nose, think of the bridge as three surfaces: the front with two sides sloping down to the face. I usually will note the light source and maybe put a very light, broken line on the lit side. On the other side, some light shading with short, slanted zig-zag lines works.


Think of the tip and bottom part of the nose as 3 little spheres. Just as with the bridge, think “light lines” when representing the tip.


Don’t forget to draw the little piece of cartilage below the tip that separates the nostrils. If you focus on drawing the surrounding skin and not the holes themselves, the nostrils will take care of themselves.

So, I know these are all common-knowledge facts about noses, but they are little things people sometimes forget to think about when drawing them. The next time you draw a nose, keep these tips in mind that apply to all noses, but also draw the unique characteristics of each part of the nose that will give individuality!


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