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“Ann” Pencil Portrait Speed Drawing

Here is a time-lapse video of a detailed realistic pencil portrait I recently completed for members of the Let’s Draw People Club! This portrait is of a woman I named “Ann”. As you can tell from the video, I used a light box and grid to make a line drawing of “Ann” on Bristol board paper. Then I shaded in …

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Four Drawing Shortcut Techniques You Will Not Regret Using

What I’m about to share with you is a risk for me. I’m risking mobs of angry artists coming and burning down my house and crucifying me upside down. I will be sharing a secret that many artists use that make us look like we can do the outline of a drawing without any type of help. It can be said that most of …

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Artograph ART-O-GRAPH Lightracer Light Tracer Elite II

Constructed of lightweight aluminum, this light box offer an unobstructed flat 12" x 18" work surface for viewing and tracing. Accurate 90 degree edges indicates precise reference for measuring and attaching T-squares. The result is a bright viewing window that is free of hot spots or shadows. Replacement lamp is an 8 watt, 12" fluorescent.

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