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How to Draw a Guy Painting the Wall

In this tutorial of our never-ending quest for learning how to draw people, we are going to draw this image of a guy painting a wall. You can review the individual drawings as I go step-by-step to drawing the man, and you can also draw along by watching the video. Stop the video when you want, and review the drawing …

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How to Draw Hair: Brunette and Blonde

The hair gods really love me. I mean, they really love me to let me write this article on hair. Let it be known that I’m no high, exquisite expert; but when it’s time to do the subject’s hair in either pencil, color pencil, or oil paint, I don’t play around. To me, hair is the ultimate expression. I even …

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SAKURA ELECTRIC ERASER Drafting, Engineering, Art -General Catalog

This lightweight, portable, compact batteryoperated electric eraser has an impressive 12,000 rpm strong torque motor that is built to last. Use for drafting, architectural plans, arts and crafts, etc. Comfortable hand contour with sleek design, it weights only 2.6 oz. and can fit in a back pocket. Remove marks and lines instantly with a gentle touch. The kit comes with two alkaline AAA batteries and Twenty additional erasers: White vinyl for pencil. Sakura offers consumers a 90-day limited warranty. Black color.

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