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See How Easily You Can Draw Glasses on a Person

Do you have trouble drawing glasses? For most beginning artists (and even some more experienced ones), drawing glasses on a person is a constant sticking point that holds up completion of the drawing. In this article by Rio, the task of drawing glasses is simplified for beginners. Some common misconceptions about drawing glasses are addressed and corrected. We also see …

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Alvin & Co. FC88 FRENCH CURVE SET, 8 piece set

A variety of the most popular full-size curves, conveniently packaged in a corrugated box for individual or classroom use. These plastic curves are great for detail work. They are heavy enough not to warp but flexible enough not to chip or crack if dropped from a tabletop. Each curve is molded of smoke grey-tinted 0.10" thick styrene plastic with double-beveled inking edges.

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