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Drawing Materials for Both the Beginner and the Advanced

If you are interested in being an artist or at least making drawing a major hobby in your life, then you will need to have extended knowledge over the drawing materials you will need. Oh sure you’ll need the basic pencil, eraser, and something to draw on but there’s so much more to it. Notice how one artist can make things look so …

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The Drawing Tools of the Artist’s Trade

Art is one of the quintessential expressions of humanity. In many ways, it’s what sets us apart from the animals. Like most things that separate man and beast, art requires tools to be expressed to its fullest potential. If you’re concentrating on drawing the human figure, there are certain drawing tools that you will need to push your talent to …

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Let’s See How to Draw People

Have you always wanted to draw a realistic human face? Many people feel anxious if they are asked to draw people because they fear that their facial drawing will bear no likeness to the person. Portraiture is the art of creating portraits. A portrait can be defined as a drawing, painting, or photograph of a particular person. In short, portraits …

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