See How to Draw in Pencil by Studying This Portrait

Look at this old pencil portrait drawing I did many years ago…

nirmaWhat can you learn from it? Can just looking at a pencil drawing done by another artist teach you how to draw in pencil?

Well, maybe not all by itself, but it can certainly help. You can easily use a pencil drawing done by someone else as a model for how to create your own work.

Better yet, the closer you examine the work, the more you may realize certain strengths over the work of the artist you are viewing!

So even though you do not see a step-by-step tutorial on this page for how this portrait was created, take a look at some of the characteristics it possesses to see if your pencil portrait drawings share similar traits.

  • Round eye highlights left pure white, adjacent to very dark pupils
  • Reflected light along the bottom of the nose
  • Visible strands of hair overlapping dark and highlighted masses of hair
  • No visible outlines, just smooth and blended edges
  • Blended shading and shadows

Of course these are only a fraction of the traits this drawing possesses. Still, making a habit of looking for a few important traits in the drawings of others can make you more aware of what you should have in your own work as you learn how to draw in pencil.

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