See How Easily You Can Draw Glasses on a Person

Do you have trouble drawing glasses? For most beginning artists (and even some more experienced ones), drawing glasses on a person is a constant sticking point that holds up completion of the drawing.

In this article by Rio, the task of drawing glasses is simplified for beginners. Some common misconceptions about drawing glasses are addressed and corrected. We also see easily applicable techniques for how to draw glasses on a person in frontal view, quarter view, and side view.

One common misconception Rio tells us is “When it comes to drawing glasses, perspective does not apply.” He goes on to explain the reason for this, as well as the exception to the rule.

Even though this article is directed at people who draw manga, I find the concepts very useful and applicable to those who draw people in more realistic styles. The article also makes several references to giving the glasses a realistic look.

Still, do not expect to see methods for ultra-realism or how to create detailed effects on the lenses or frames. Again, the tips are very basic and geared toward simple sketches and beginning artists.

Read the full article here for more on how to draw glasses.

What is the hardest part about drawing glasses for you? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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