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Whether you are just starting to draw all over again or you have a little more experience, Let’s Draw People lets you expand upon your skills as a beginning or intermediate portrait artist.

The information found throughout this site will help you to learn how to draw people with tips and techniques to help you draw the human face and form in a variety of styles. You will find informative articles, step-by-step tutorials and pictures, and how-to videos to accommodate your needs and abilities.

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I’m Jack, a self-taught artist and the founder of Let’s Draw People. My reason for starting this site is to help other aspiring portrait artists learn how to draw people by improving their skills and rediscovering their drawing passion!

Learn how to draw people and how to become a skilled pencil portrait artist. Make use of our articles and tutorials and employ your artistic talents today!

What You Can Find Here

The lessons and other posts on this website are organized into the following categories:

  • Facial Features – Find how-to tips for drawing specific parts of the face and head: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, and so on.
  • Figure and Clothing – Here you’ll find how to draw beyond a standard head-and-shoulders portrait. Learn about drawing people (along with the clothes they wear) below the neckline.
  • Everyday People – Choose from a selection of tutorials teaching how to draw regular men, women, and children – just posing or in different, everyday situations.
  • Well-Known People – Practice capturing the likeness of a person by drawing a well-known person that everyone should recognize!
  • Techniques – Discover more about drawing tips, materials, and shortcuts that have been around for centuries, as well as those that may be new to you.
  • Videos – Articles and tutorials that have a video will also be posted here. If you are a true visual learner and still pictures aren’t enough, then try here!

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Recent Posts

How to Draw Hair: Brunette and Blonde

The hair gods really love me. I mean, they really love me to let me write this article on hair. Let it be known that I’m no high, exquisite expert; but when it’s time to do the subject’s hair in either pencil, color pencil, or oil paint, I don’t play around. To me, hair is the ultimate expression. I even …

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See How to Draw Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is still considered an icon even to this day. Despite her problems with drugs, who she married, or how she died, she is and will always be a great influence to future generations to come. As you can see, she is an influence to some of us artists. She makes a great subject to study and practice our …

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How to Draw an Army Man Saluting

Have you ever wanted to know how to draw a soldier giving a salute? In this short tutorial, we will see how to draw an army man saluting. Below is a reference photo that will come in handy. It definitely came in handy for me. Even though I myself am an army veteran, it has been roughly 15 years since …

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“Where Should I Begin Setting Pencil Portrait Drawing Prices?”

You really love to draw pencil portraits. You love creating pencil portrait drawings so much that you practice all the time. As you practice, you get noticeably better and better. In fact, you begin to get so much better that people are beginning to come to you to ask you to draw a portrait for them! Maybe you have experienced …

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This Childhood Shortcut Will Show You How to Draw Teeth

Of all the facial features that exist, teeth have to rank as one of the most challenging to draw. First of all, each tooth seems to have its own special shape. Not to mention there are so many of them! Teeth are very unique from one person to the next. The unique characteristics of teeth play a large part in …

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