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Whether you are just starting to draw all over again or you have a little more experience, Let’s Draw People lets you expand upon your skills as a beginning or intermediate portrait artist.

The information found throughout this site will help you to learn how to draw people with tips and techniques to help you draw the human face and form in a variety of styles. You will find informative articles, step-by-step tutorials and pictures, and how-to videos to accommodate your needs and abilities.

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I’m Jack, a self-taught artist and the founder of Let’s Draw People. My reason for starting this site is to help other aspiring portrait artists learn how to draw people by improving their skills and rediscovering their drawing passion!

Learn how to draw people and how to become a skilled pencil portrait artist. Make use of our articles and tutorials and employ your artistic talents today!

What You Can Find Here

The lessons and other posts on this website are organized into the following categories:

  • Facial Features – Find how-to tips for drawing specific parts of the face and head: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, and so on.
  • Figure and Clothing – Here you’ll find how to draw beyond a standard head-and-shoulders portrait. Learn about drawing people (along with the clothes they wear) below the neckline.
  • Everyday People – Choose from a selection of tutorials teaching how to draw regular men, women, and children – just posing or in different, everyday situations.
  • Well-Known People – Practice capturing the likeness of a person by drawing a well-known person that everyone should recognize!
  • Techniques – Discover more about drawing tips, materials, and shortcuts that have been around for centuries, as well as those that may be new to you.
  • Videos – Articles and tutorials that have a video will also be posted here. If you are a true visual learner and still pictures aren’t enough, then try here!

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Recent Posts

Four Drawing Shortcut Techniques You Will Not Regret Using

What I’m about to share with you is a risk for me. I’m risking mobs of angry artists coming and burning down my house and crucifying me upside down. I will be sharing a secret that many artists use that make us look like we can do the outline of a drawing without any type of help. It can be said that most of …

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This Drawing of a Man Shows Beards Are Made for Thinking

The first part of this article takes you through the process of drawing a man with a beard. As you can see, this subject also happens to have his hand on his chin, as if he is having a thought. The second part of this article explores the significance of this placement, describing how a hand on a chin and a …

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How to Draw Tom Brady

Ok kiddos I’m back – it’s the artist you love to hate! First off I need to apologize because my scanner was in that mood where it wanted to do want it wants, so some scans will have black smudges on them…bummer. The other thing is I was not feeling this drawing, sort of. As the title stated, this is …

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How to Shade a Drawing of a Man

Well kiddies, it’s that time again. Time to do some more art! This time we’re going to look at shading a drawing of a man. The art world has put a lot of attention on female models and heroines in my opinion. I don’t think men get the same attention – could be that the majority of artists are men …

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How to Draw Children: 10 Different Approaches

The purpose of this article is to list 10 different approaches to drawing children. The first six approaches will consider the age. The last four are more stylistic approaches. Consider the Age of the Children First consider the age and development of the child before you begin. Refer to one of the age groups that I list below for how to …

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How to Draw a Blouse When You Know Nothing about Blouses

Every now and then, you will have to make something in your drawing that you just don’t know how to make. You just don’t know enough about it to be comfortable or confident enough to draw, at least without a lot of help. For me, that something is a blouse. As a guy who wears men’s clothing, I never really …

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