Make a Cartoonish Drawing of a Man’s Face More Realistic

In this video tutorial by Cheri Crawford from, we learn how to draw a picture of a young man. Even though Cheri often draws people in a more cartoon-like style, she shows us that some carefully planned changes and additions to the original line drawing can leave us with a drawing that is a bit more realistic.

Cheri uses a kneaded eraser and a really heavy and dark pencil that shows up better in the video, but she suggests using a lighter pencil. She begins with some proportional guidelines and a line drawing of the face.

An important observation about drawing a man is noted when Cheri says, “Masculine features are often very geometrical, in nature and in art.” She illustrates this point by initially using shapes with sharp angles and edges.

As the drawing progresses, she makes the cartoonish shapes less exaggerated by softening them, giving the drawing a slightly more realistic feel. Also notice the more shading and detail that’s placed around the muscle and bone, the more real the drawing begins to appear.

Here’s the takeaway I get from this video:

If your line drawing of a man (or even a woman or child) appears more cartoonish than you want, keep working with it by adding layers of shading and detail.

I hope you give it a try!


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