How to Sketch a Woman with Something on Her Mind

Who knows what it is people are thinking? If only we could read minds, it would be a much more revealing world to say the least!

No one is truly a mind reader. Still, you can’t say it wouldn’t be fun to try.

That is one of the things SO interesting about sketching a person. A portrait artist gets to play mind-reader by trying to analyze a subject and interpret her thoughts, her emotions, her passions. It is the job of the portrait artist to capture those thoughts and feelings and convey them through art.

Part of the fun of it all for the artists and the fans of art is in the guessing and interpreting. For this reason (and certainly others), it is probably a very good thing that we cannot read minds!

With that said, today’s video tutorial shows us how to sketch a woman with something on her mind.

sketch a woman with something on her mind

The only materials I used were drawing paper, a pink eraser, a kneaded eraser, and a 2B graphite pencil. The 2B allowed for the variations in dark and light tones I wanted to achieve for this sketch.

Watch the video to see a review of how to place basic facial guidelines. You will also see how to apply techniques for sketching eyes, the nose, and getting the mouth to convey a desired expression.

Watch the shading progress from minimal at the beginning to layered and heavier at the end to enhance the sketch.

After watching the video all the way through the first time, watch it a second time and draw along with me. Then give it a try on your own (without watching) and see if you can achieve a similar effect with the woman’s thoughts and expression.

So, what do you think is on this woman’s mind?

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