Helping Hands – Part 2

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Throughout this video series, watch and draw along with me as I take you step-by-step through a realistic graphite drawing of helping hands from start to finish.

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Helping Hands Video Series

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In this second video session of the series, we will:

  • Draw lines and value changes on the wrist and palm of the left hand.  04:55
  • Draw line details on the fingers of the left hand.  19:35
  • Add line details and value changes to the fingers and thumb of the right hand.  23:00
  • Complete the line drawing with value changes on the arm.  48:58
  • Discuss possible use of the grid beyond the line drawing stage.  55:30
  • Add tones to the palm and wrist of the left hand.  59:35
  • Add tones to the pinky and ring finger of the right hand.  1:34:18

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Materials and Resources

The following materials and resources are introduced or used during this video session. If you do not have everything listed here, do not let that stop you from drawing! You can always get started with what you do have and improvise for what you don’t have.

When you are ready to get new materials and resources, feel free to make use of the links below. Some of the links below are affiliate links (meaning I will get a tiny commission if you purchase). Another option is to just pick them up at your local art supply store or other applicable retail store.

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