How These 16 Very Different Sketches of Lips Can Help You Draw Them

What can 16 dissimilar sketches of lips tell you about how to draw lips? Well, if you look at each one of the sketches in this article closely enough, it turns out that these lips have a lot to say. One of the best ways to learn how to sketch lips is to carefully study a selection of lips that have already …

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This Childhood Shortcut Will Show You How to Draw Teeth

Of all the facial features that exist, teeth have to rank as one of the most challenging to draw. First of all, each tooth seems to have its own special shape. Not to mention there are so many of them! Teeth are very unique from one person to the next. The unique characteristics of teeth play a large part in …

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How to Turn Your Plainly-Drawn Lips into Realistic Lips

  When you draw lips, do they look like these? In this video and post, we will see one way to turn a simple outline of lips into a more realistic drawing. Of course, not all lips have the characteristic traits that I will use in this drawing. Use this post for guidance, but use a reference photo for whatever lips you choose …

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