Drawing Eyebrows like a Boss!

You know those furry things that live just above your eyelids? Yes, the eyebrows! Each eyebrow is as unique as a fingerprint— no two are exactly alike. This helps make us all unique and fantastic creatures of nature, but it can cause a real headache if you are just learning to draw faces. There are “tricks” that I like to …

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Draw an Eye with Colored Pencils

OK kiddos, it’s time for another art lesson! Before I start, let me get some preliminaries out of the way. First off, I need to apologize for how the picture came out. This post is about drawing an eye in colored pencil, but you’re barely going to see any color. My scanner didn’t pick up the color that well. I hate …

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How to Draw Eyes of a Bride

Here we have a drawing of a bride, eyes wide and looking from behind a bouquet. The central focus will be on her eyes and how to draw them. Hopefully after giving this a try, you will learn to include all of the little details that bring the eyes to life. So refer to the reference photo below, as well …

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