Scott McCruden

CONTRIBUTING ARTIST - I have been drawing for many years. I started my journey in Carver Center for the Arts and Technology. This is a magnet school, similar in a way to a charter school. You must first create a portfolio, apply, and be accepted to a program that only allows about a hundred students in. On top of regular school, you attend your prime (which is a selected class, or why you are going to the school). Mine was visual arts. I learned about figure drawing in senior year. Ever since then I have been working to improve my style and create a concept within my work. Where do I see myself in 5 to 10 years? My plan is to continue my artistic talent and perhaps give back through teaching art after college. See more on my DeviantArt profile page.

What to Consider When Making a Composition

Before you start drawing, it helps to plan your ideas. Composition is the idea of setting up your drawing. How many ideas, people, and objects do you want to use in your drawing? In the drawing below, I thought to create a small still-frame of a scene. In the drawing of the two people, I wanted to show how you …

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This Drawing of a Man Shows Beards Are Made for Thinking

The first part of this article takes you through the process of drawing a man with a beard. As you can see, this subject also happens to have his hand on his chin, as if he is having a thought. The second part of this article explores the significance of this placement, describing how a hand on a chin and a …

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How to Draw Children: 10 Different Approaches

The purpose of this article is to list 10 different approaches to drawing children. The first six approaches will consider the age. The last four are more stylistic approaches. Consider the Age of the Children First consider the age and development of the child before you begin. Refer to one of the age groups that I list below for how to …

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