Jennah Hughes

I have always been drawn to the arts and all things wonderfully creative. I grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and from a young age I would fill sketchbooks with drawings of people from magazines and things I saw around me. I graduated from Upper Iowa University with a degree in art education, where I expanded my passion and skills for drawing realistically. I focused on capturing the essence and personality of each subject, which makes each drawing much more interesting and meaningful. Upon graduating, I moved to Denver, Colorado with my husband. I teach high school drawing and painting classes and love the opportunity to help others improve their artistic skills and nurture their own love for art. See more of my work at Artworks by Jennah.

How to Draw Tennis Shoes Using a Grid

Learning how to draw tennis shoes is a great way to practice observing fine details and enhance your drawing skills. To start, you can freehand draw the tennis shoes on your drawing paper, but I chose to create a grid drawing to ensure I captured the accurate proportions of my shoes. Here is the reference picture I used. My drawing paper size is …

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