“Ann” Pencil Portrait Speed Drawing

Here is a time-lapse video of a detailed realistic pencil portrait I recently completed for members of the Let’s Draw People Club!

This portrait is of a woman I named “Ann”. As you can tell from the video, I used a light box and grid to make a line drawing of “Ann” on Bristol board paper. Then I shaded in tones, blended tones for a realistic touch, and repeated this process several times with additional layers. I used a mechanical pencil for the entire drawing.

What this video does not show is how I set up the grid on the computer and how I use a high-resolution version of the reference photograph with grid lines already in place on the computer. The full tutorial in the members’ area includes all of this and more, including larger reference photos, the same grid I used available for you to print out and follow along, and over 16 hours of thorough, step-by-step verbal and visual instructions from start to finish on how to complete this portrait!

Watch the video above for a small glimpse of my process. Click here to join the LDP Club and view the complete tutorial. Enjoy!

© Nadino | Dreamstime.com

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