Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Family Drawings

Welcome to our gallery of family drawings! Here you can view drawings of family members by our contributors and visitors.

As someone who is becoming more skilled at drawing people, you will find family and friends taking an increased interest in your talent. As a professional portrait artist, people who love your artwork will undoubtedly want to become your clients. When family, friends, or other people ask you (or pay you) to draw for them, who do they most often want you to draw?

They usually want you to draw a portrait from their personal collection of family photos. They may even ask you to take people from two or more photographs and combine them into one drawing. Your artistic creativity may sometimes be at play too, as when people ask you to include elements not in the original photographs.

You will see examples of all of these scenarios within this gallery. Notice the different arrangements of the subjects, features, and how the various elements of the family drawings create pleasing compositions. Happy viewing!

If you have your own family portrait drawing that you want others to view in this gallery, see how to share it with us.

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