Friday, June 23, 2017

Drawings of Well-Known Faces

Use these drawings of celebrities and prominent people as examples of how to capture the likenesses of well-known people. Remember that when you are trying to draw people well enough and detailed enough for them to be recognizable as the intended person, it is often helpful to practice by drawing famous faces. I mean, what better test of your drawing skills than to show your work to people who immediately know who you were trying to draw, right?

You will see familiar drawings of different skill levels and different levels of detail in this gallery. Some drawings you may recognize, while others you may not. No matter how much or how little a drawing here captures a resemblance, take the opportunity to learn something from each piece. Some questions you may ask yourself as you view this gallery are:

  • Which obvious features did the artist include to help make the famous face easily recognizable?
  • Which details or subtle facial characteristics did the artist include to obtain such an accurate likeness of the subject?
  •  What could the artist have done differently to make a better representation of the celebrity?

Thank you in advance to all artists who contribute their drawings of well-known faces to this gallery! Remember, too, that it’s okay if your drawing doesn’t come out perfectly or to your satisfaction. I am still hard on myself with some of my work, and I always see something I could have done differently for better results (even with my own drawings in this gallery!). The important thing to remember is, you should always feel good about sharing your artwork, celebrate your strengths, and learn from your mistakes.

If you have your own celebrity portrait drawing that you want others to view in this gallery, see how to share it with us.

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