Saturday, February 17, 2018

Actors and Actresses

How to Draw Selena Gomez

If you are a fan of singer Selena Gomez, then you will enjoy this tutorial! Follow along with the following steps to learn how to draw Selena Gomez. We will use the reference photo seen below.   You will need a piece of paper, a pencil, and inspiration of course. For this tutorial we are using Aquarelle paper, which will …

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Speed Drawing of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Well-known for his starring role in the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda has gotten a lot of buzz this year. Since it appears that Miranda has now left the Hamilton stage to pursue other opportunities, I thought it fitting to bid farewell with a speed drawing. I was originally planning to just do a quick sketch, but shortly into it …

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See How to Draw Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is still considered an icon even to this day. Despite her problems with drugs, who she married, or how she died, she is and will always be a great influence to future generations to come. As you can see, she is an influence to some of us artists. She makes a great subject to study and practice our …

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How to Draw Kerry Washington’s Face

If you are trying to improve your ability to draw faces, what better face to draw than that of a celebrity? It is helpful to try drawing celebrities from time to time. Drawing well-known faces will help you to fine-tune your observational skills and catch those subtle characteristics that collectively build the likeness of a face everyone will recognize. In this tutorial, …

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Take the Mystery Out of Drawing Lucy Liu

Considering Lucy Liu is currently starring in the CBS television show Elementary as Dr. Joan Watson, working alongside Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes, I could not resist the reference in this tutorial’s title! Whether you are a fan of the show or not, the title is still fitting if you have ever thought about drawing Lucy Liu. In this tutorial, we …

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