Saturday, February 17, 2018


How to Sketch a Man Drinking Beer

In this drawing tutorial, we’re going to see how to sketch a man drinking a glass of beer. This will be a freehand observational sketch. In this sketch, we’ll have the man facing to the right sipping on a glass of beer, and the man’s face will be in profile view. Here is a look at the reference photograph I …

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How to Draw a Guy Painting the Wall

In this tutorial of our never-ending quest for learning how to draw people, we are going to draw this image of a guy painting a wall. You can review the individual drawings as I go step-by-step to drawing the man, and you can also draw along by watching the video. Stop the video when you want, and review the drawing …

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Learn How to Draw a Guy Scared Out of His Mind

Do you ever want to draw more expressive people but aren’t sure where to start? Today we’ll learn how to draw a guy expressing fear. Art takes practice and muscle memory, so get your own drawing tools ready and follow along as we draw this scared guy!   Getting Started Step 1 – To begin, let’s start with a circle …

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