Wednesday, November 22, 2017


How to Make a Drawing of a Baby Sleeping

We all like to look at baby pictures, but that doesn’t mean we all like to draw them! We all know how much different it can be to draw children rather than adults. If the thought of drawing a child intimidates you, then you are likely even more hesitant to draw a subject that is a baby. It is true that …

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How to Draw Children: 10 Different Approaches

The purpose of this article is to list 10 different approaches to drawing children. The first six approaches will consider the age. The last four are more stylistic approaches. Consider the Age of the Children First consider the age and development of the child before you begin. Refer to one of the age groups that I list below for how to …

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Why It’s Okay to Make a Drawing of a Girl Crying

If you are ever asked (or commissioned) to draw a pencil portrait of someone, you will most likely draw a picture of a happy person with a smile. After all, isn’t that how we most often appear in photographs? And isn’t that how we most often want to present ourselves to others? Truth be told, adults and children alike are …

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A Look at Child Proportions: from Toddler to Teen

So much of the success that comes with drawing people depends on getting the proportions right. Child proportions in particular can be intimidating for beginners and even some more experienced artists. There really does seem to be more involved in creating an image of a child than there is with a drawing of an adult. Of course, with a few nifty tips you …

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How to Draw a Baby from Life

Drawing babies presents a unique set of challenges. There are several important distinctions between a baby’s face and an adult’s face. Drawing the face of a baby from a photograph may be challenging enough, but can you imagine drawing a baby from life? In the following videos from Lon Haverly and his TV series “You Can Draw!”, he does just …

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Tips and Tricks for How to Draw Children

So, you’ve decided to take up a bit of art as a good way to spend some of your free time and share your new found talent with those that can appreciate your work.  You may think you’ve gotten pretty good at it too since you’ve managed to draw some good portraits of yourself and adult family members and friends. …

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